Accelera Innovations Inc. is leading the charge into the new age of healthcare technology! Our teams have designed state of the art 21st century solutions to revolutionize the quality, cost and patient outcomes at a level that has never been done before. Through dedication, innovation and true market technology understanding the Accelera Innovations teams have truly changed the landscape of what technology means to the healthcare industry.

Our Speciality

Accelera Innovations, inc. specialize in interfacing healthcare data technologies to transmit directly into the healthcare information exchange. Our systems are HIPPA compliant and fully secure, allowing physicians and hospitals across the world to communicate efficiently thereby reducing the costs of healthcare and increasing the quality of patient outcomes.

Accelera has assembled through licensing, solutions that address the current market needs of connecting the patient to relevant health data to ensure positive health outcomes. This is accomplished through a product line that provides cloud-based technology, which is ahead of the curve while providing mobility, interoperability, and rapid deployment capabilities in a scalable, secure, and 100% web-based platform.


The Accelera Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management application provides a comprehensive solution for medical groups and physician enterprises, whether they are independent or part of an integrated network. The practice management solution gives physician groups the flexibility to manage their business under many different reimbursement models. The solution includes risk management, managed care capabilities, and a clinical system for managing patient care. Additional capabilities to help accelerate cash flow; reduce cash flow and increase productivity included decision support, data quality analysis and electronic data interchange.


The Accelera Health Information Exchange and Portal, link all health care data such as diagnosis, medications, laboratory results, patient behavioral health, radiology films, patient and doctor to the data repository. Besides increasing accuracy these applications help alleviate patient frustration with having to provide duplicate information from one setting of care to another; thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. The HIE unites disparate systems across rural and metropolitan locations, converting the data into useful clinical dashboards to help comply with preventive care guidelines and develop ACO’s


The Accelera Hospital Information System solution automates the operation of individual departments and their respective functions within the inpatient environment. These hospital based transaction and decision support systems form the core of systems that in conjunction with other tools designed to directly support clinical decision making, help streamline the care process over the continuum of care. They include applications for patient care, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, surgery, materials management, emergency department, financials and management decision support.


Accelera Accountable Care Organization application is a tool designed to accurately report to CMS (Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services) the usage of provider claims and reimbursement. The tool also analyses ways to improve care and lower cost across the ACO.


Integrated and pre-populated electronic record which allows patients and providers to coordinate care. The PHR has the ability to be exported, in part or in its entirety, to a third party of the patient’s choosing.

This feature allows for the ability to allow family members or other healthcare professionals the ability to access a patient PHR, After Visit Summaries and supporting content. This access can be controlled by the patient to allow segmented access which can have time limits, diagnosis & Rx parameters, or healthcare encounter checkpoints.


Real-time health care analytics are programs that analyze clinical information at the point of care and support health providers as they make prescriptive decisions. Accelera’s real-time systems are “active knowledge systems, which use two or more items of patient data to generate case-specific advice

Batch health care analytics is a technical application that retrospectively evaluates population data sets (i.e. records of patients in a large medical system, or claims data from an insured population). These evaluations can be used to supplement disease management or population health management efforts.

Accelera Analytic customers would include healthcare payers, provider organizations, government entities worldwide, and employer groups. Accelera products help you identify, analyze, and minimize healthcare risk while containing costs and improving the quality of care. Accelera also develops modeling software to predict medical costs and help improve the financing, organization, and delivery of health services.

The Accelera Analytic engine would help healthcare organizations better assess and reduce their risk from catastrophic perils such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and tsunamis. This includes risk not only from physical damage but also from direct and contingent business interruption losses across the entire network.